What it means to be a member differs depending on who you ask or where you’re from or how old you are.  Our denomination has clearly defined statements on membership, local polity and government, articles of faith, covenant of christian living … (  But, like most things in life, until we answer questions for ourselves, they have no affect on our lives.

There was a slogan for a credit card years ago which went something like this:  “Membership has its privileges.”

When I think about church membership the slogan in my mind goes like this:  “Membership has its responsibilities.”

Here are some questions I would like to you to answer if you wanted to join our church:

  • What difference would being a member mean to me?
  • What are some things I would do differently than I do as a non-member?
  • Are there any responsibilities that I should consider that come with being a member?
  • How would me becoming a member benefit our local church?
  • What do I have to offer?
  • What am I willing to offer?


Allah: A Christian Response

Miroslav Volf, 2011, Harper Collins

Jonathan and I walk to school every day. While we are in the front lot waiting for the teachers to take the children into their classes I am amazed at the diversity of my fellow parents and children. All shapes and shades seem to flock to our school each day. I have realized

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