The Gardners



The Gardner Family 2012
Rick, Ruth Anne, Hailey, Emily, and Landon

Greetings to the Lynn Church and Its Members,

 We would like to extend our thankfulness to everyone who supported us while we served here from 2004-2007.  If there is one thing we could say about the people of this church is; Love. The Love that was shown to my family continues to carry us through this life of ministry we have been called to. Thank you so much for that love.

It was during the year of 1888 the Mission church of Lynn (Later to become Lynn First Church) was organized with C. Howard Davis as pastor. Now, 125 years later of spreading the Gospel message; teaching people about holiness and entire sanctification, Lynn First Church is still going strong! What an accomplishment. I hope as you read through the letters of those who have served here, you will be reminded of how valuable you are as a congregation to the Lord and what He has been able to do through those who have been so faithful. I am always excited to share with people how important the Lynn Church has been to the Church of the Nazarene as a whole. How wonderful it would be to hear from those who were part of the church when it was organized? The stories they could share would inspire anyone. A funny thing though: The commitment level, the determination, the desire to spread the Gospel and witness for the Lord, but above all, the faith they had back then is the same attributes that flow through this congregation today! What a heritage to be part of. I am thankful the Lord allowed my family and I to be part of such a great church with a strong history and commitment to serve the Lord.

In closing, pastors may come and go through the doors of this building as the Lord sees fit, but never forget who has called each of you to be part of this wonderful church family and given you the ministry of sharing His message. And while we are apart for now, the day is coming soon when we can all be together again, singing His praises and enjoying the bounties of all that Heaven has to offer us. Until that day, you will be in our prayers as we know we will be in yours. Thank you and God bless each of you in your celebration.

In His Grip,

Pastor Rick, Ruth Anne, Hailey, Emily, and Landon

The Folks


Eric and Family

Dear Lynn congregation,

    Congratulations on 125 years of lifting up Jesus in the City of Firsts. Kimberly and I consider ourselves to be very blessed to have been your parsonage family for such a brief, too short time. The Kingdom of Heaven was advanced, both in Khmer and English during our partnership. Transformed lives are what its all about. Because of you, Kimberly and I will always consider ourselves “honorary New Englanders” regardless of where our journey takes us. You will always be close to our hearts. But please don’t take too much time to reminisce… there are many in your city who need to know about Jesus, regardless of language. So please continue to support your Spanish speaking church and get fully behind Pastor Winn as he leads you onward into God’s mission.

In His Peace,

Eric Folk (John 16:22)