How to Stage an Organizational Comeback
Mark Rutland, David C. Cook, 2013

I have listened to Dr. Rutland for many years and have appreciated his sermons, seminars and books. When I was in Georgia last week, I sat in on a pastor’s breakfast at the Men’s Advance. Dr. Rutland spoke to us about measuring quality and I was moved by his short teaching. When I walked by the book table I saw that this book contained some of those thoughts and decided I needed to hear the rest of the story.

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Allah: A Christian Response

Miroslav Volf, 2011, Harper Collins

Jonathan and I walk to school every day. While we are in the front lot waiting for the teachers to take the children into their classes I am amazed at the diversity of my fellow parents and children. All shapes and shades seem to flock to our school each day. I have realized

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The Bible

Just some thoughts about the basics.

Yes, I read the Bible, but today I finished my read the Bible in a year plan.  I have been doing this for a while trying different plans.  I used the Discipleship Journal Reading Plan from Nav Press this year.  I read through my English Standard Version (ESV) version which I really like using.  The ESV uses what some call the ‘Verbal Equivalent’ method for their translation.  This is an attempt to be as close to the original language as possible. Continue reading “The Bible”

Walking with God through Pain and Suffering

Timothy Keller, Dutton, 2013

Keller does a great job of telling me what I already understood on this subject.  I’m not making light of his work, it is a good book on a subject that we all sooner or later have to deal with in our understanding of God.  He brings together a large amount (nearly 400 footnotes) of references from others on this matter.  There is no shortage of thoughts on this, so it is understandable and appreciated by me. Continue reading “Walking with God through Pain and Suffering”

The Good and Beautiful Life

James Bryan Smith, IVP Books, 2009

This is the second book in what is called the The Apprentice Series.
I have been going through this series with a small group. It is a guide to spiritual formation using the Sermon on the Mount. The author calls this the greatest sermon ever given. The pattern for each chapter is to discuss a ‘false narrative’ that we are likely to have learned in our life. The author does a great job of showing how these perspectives have shaped our way of living. Then using the passage from the Sermon on the Mount, he contrasts that way of thinking with what Jesus taught his followers. Continue reading “The Good and Beautiful Life”