December 27 – Do Not Judge

a quote that I have heard used as much as anything that Jesus ever said…

It is going to be cold tonight, but if you are able to come out come on over as we move through the Sermon on the Mount.  We begin chapter 7 tonight with a quote that I have heard used as much as anything that Jesus ever said, “Do not judge, or you too will be judged.”  Maybe they don’t quote it exactly, but close enough to recognize where it came from; ‘Hey, don’t judge me man!’ or ‘Judge not’.  I’m guessing most of the people who I’ve heard saying this don’t have a clue who said it.  But it is used to be an excuse to live any way they like or at least make sure that no one has any input on their lives.

We’ll talk about that and see how this important rule from Jesus should affect our lives.

3 thoughts on “December 27 – Do Not Judge”

  1. I’ve been thinking about what judging another can look like and how subtle it can be. If I notice that someone has a sour attitude and then proceed to pray for them in that, am I judging that person? What about those that routinely are absent from our meetings? How about if I decide that someone is not committed to the mission of the church?
    These judgments seem much more obtuse than: She’s living with a guy or he’s drinking every night.
    I know this was the topic of conversation from last week, but as I said, it’s just some left over stuff going thru my head. Who has something to say about this?
    See you all tomorrow night.

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