November 15  – Wednesday Night Group

Matthew 5:17 – 48

We continue to work our way through this section of Scripture by reading the rest of chapter 5.  Again I suggest you read the entire passage and then slowly work through each little section (i.e. vv. 17 – 20 Jesus talks about fulfilling the law, 21 – 26 on murder…) and write your thoughts as you prayerfully study.

We talked about moving on to a book after we finish these 3 chapters of Matthew.  We will use The Good and Beautiful God by James Bryan Smith.  Let me ask people who went through this book a few years ago if they still have a copy.  I think that there are some copies of the book around the church building too.  I’m guessing this will begin after Christmas.  If you can’t wait to start reading it and want your on copy you can go to Amazon or CBD and purchase it.

Take this Spiritual Gifts Inventory this week.

One thought on “November 15  – Wednesday Night Group”

  1. Jesus opens these paragraphs (21 – 43) with writings that they would ( or should?) have known. Then he relates them thru a ‘Jesus filter’. ‘That was then, this is now’ sorta thing. Now we are more loving. Now we are more giving. Now we are more understanding. Now we are more generous.
    We are to reflect the light of the Son in all we do.
    This is what I have taken away from this section. In the past I have seen it as literal. Which makes it a lot harder to obey.
    So the question is: was I wrong then, or am I wrong now?

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