November 8  – Wednesday Night Group

early in the morning with a Bible, notebook and a pen

Matthew 5:3 – 16

We began by looking at 1 – 12 last night.  I realized that I probably spent so much time on the overall picture that we didn’t have enough time to talk about all of the section of verses 1 – 12.  So we will stay in the area where Jesus tells us what the subjects of his kingdom are like.  I think there is a real break after verse 16, so I extended our section to that verse.

To prepare for Wednesday night let this section speak to you this week.  How do you do that?  We all have to develop something that works best for us.  For me it is early in the morning with a Bible, notebook and a pen.  I need to read, pray and write.  I can and do one or two of those things without the other, but I have found that when I do all three together, I get more out of my time.   Learn what works best for you.

I like to stay away from commentaries or any kind of external influences to Scripture for this part.  But after I have done the read, pray and write piece I will read what others have written about it.  I read a series of books a few years ago by James Bryan Smith which he called The Apprentice Series.  (Here’s a review on the second book)  This is one my favorites on the subject of this section of Matthew.  There are thousands of commentaries, books, articles and a gazillion more on the web.  So, find something you like and use it.

Whatever method you develop it will require that you set aside some time.  Time seems to be the one thing that is hard to come by for many people today.  But I will remind you that we are all given 24 hours today.  How will you spend it?


See if you can spend a few minutes each day in these 14 verses.  I believe a consistent approach will do us more good than a cram the night before.

Try to make a comment on this post during the week.  Leave a question, tell us about some insight that you have or remind us to pray for you.

That’s an average of 2 verses a day.  It doesn’t sound like much, but it will make a difference in your day if you let these words sink in each day.  These are words of life.

6 thoughts on “November 8  – Wednesday Night Group”

  1. I was listening to Christian radio and it became abundantly clear what being poor in spirit means. Christ IS THE GREATEST EXAMPLE! Read Philippians 2:6. He was equal to God, but willingly humbled himself to become man. He didn’t boast in His divine, supreme authority. No! He said let me go be the sacrifice for these fools. Just kidding! It was the greatest form of love. But again, to exercise that love took humility. He abdicated his glorious throne for thorns and nails and lashings and mockery, etc…. Now when I think of what it means, Jesus will enter my mind and there are so many images that display His being poor in spirit. It, in fact, is quite humbling.

  2. I keep reading through 3-11 in particular. The verses that stand out for methis time are 6 and 10; “Happy are those whose greatest desire is to do what God requires; God will satisfy them fully! And “Happy are they who are persecuted because they do what God requires; the kingdom of Heaven belongs to them.”

    It is only now that I am writing this that my thinking is progressing even more. I thought of how we grow in our walk. Usually when one first comes to Christ, after being drawn😊, there is great excitement and a sincere desire to follow Him and surely there are blessings, but satan isn’t amiss from the picture, any more than he was in the Garden of Eden. Things happen, the “walk” isn’t as easy or rosy as many new believers thought it would be and some fall away. But still there are others who stay the course and despite the trials and tribulations, they keep going and God blesses them on/in their way. In that sense I see a correlation of the two verses. I see a growth from thus great desire to an actual living out. With that, Hod blesses us here, now and gives us a promiss of an even greater future blessing; the kingdom of Heaven belongs to them!

    What hope those promises provide. What comfort in knowing that no matter what you go through in this life; and YOU WILL GO THRU some stuff, their are untold, unfathomable rewards in Heaven. Surely makes me want to keep running my race! This brings in the matter of faith because we also have to believe that not only is God able to do what He has promised, but that He will! It is only then is one willing to be persecuted; to take a stand in stead of denying Jesus 3 x before the cocks crow. God is Truly good!!! He surely DOES and WILL satisfy!!! We are being filled and shall be filled!!! I’m getting my keys!!!(by the grace of our almighty, all knowing, all loving father, God).

    This reading is powerful and really starts to atir something deep within when you really look at it. As was said the other night, albeit from a beer commercial, “stay thirsty my friends!”

  3. The Message translates the word/idea of peacemaker (v8) ‘get your inside world, mind and heart, put right. Then you can see God in the outside world.’
    It’s curious to me that it puts it that way. It’s not how I think of the word peacemaker at all.

    1. Wow, I never would have looked at it that way, either but it certainly does make sense. It all starts within and flows outward.

  4. As always, I have more questions than comments!
    As I was pondering v16b I couldn’t come to a conclusion on how that’s supposed to work out in our lives. It says: ‘…that they may see your good works(NRSV), deeds(NIV)…
    Matthew 6:3 tells us not to let the left hand know what the right hand is doing(alms).
    Matthew 6:5 tells us to not stand in the synagogue/street corners that others may see us(prayers).
    Works/deeds aren’t actually the same, but I sense a theme.
    As one who’s ‘talents’ lye in the background, it would be so against my grain to ‘let my light shine before others, so that they may see your good works'(NRSV).

    1. I think one is to bring glory and honor to God. This can only be done if we are being the salt of the earth, the city on a hill and allowing others to see our good works; knowing, nor desiring it to be about us, but always giving God the praise, that others, too, will glorify God in heaven.

      The other is about pride and arrogance and doing things openly for others to see so they can praise you. It’s not really about God. It’s a matter of the heart and true intentions.

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