Camp Recap

Camp season is over, but here is a highlight from Will.

The season for camp meetings is drawing to a close. Family, kids, and teen camp have all happened on the district with few Lynn-ites in attendance. Hopefully next spring there will be a much stronger push for attendance in one of these camps. I am a strong believer in camp ministry for a couple of reasons.

First, I find it shakes people out of their normal routine and typical pressures of life. In the case of Windsor Hills, there is virtually no cellular service, and the distraction of the online world becomes a memory.

Second, every time I go to camp it feels like a homecoming. I see familiar faces that have laughed, cried, and prayed with me. Coming back once a year helps mark my spiritual journey. Since starting as a counselor in 2005 I’ve matured immensely.

Third, with excellent speakers and bible studies camp is a time when I get to focus on my life and recalibrate my spiritual compass. There is something about that “great cloud of witnesses” that make it so much more simple to change course.

Lastly, camp is just plain fun. Whether your preference is chatting for hours, swimming in the lake, or getting into any number of silly games. Camp is the time we all get to have some fun, and usually some s’mores too.

Next Spring consider becoming a counselor for a camp ministry, OR get a couple of friends together and go to Family Camp for a few days. Here is a little clip of one of the teens and the counselors retelling “the feeding of the 5,000”

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