Walking with God through Pain and Suffering

Timothy Keller, Dutton, 2013

Keller does a great job of telling me what I already understood on this subject.  I’m not making light of his work, it is a good book on a subject that we all sooner or later have to deal with in our understanding of God.  He brings together a large amount (nearly 400 footnotes) of references from others on this matter.  There is no shortage of thoughts on this, so it is understandable and appreciated by me.

His book contains three main sections; first there is the discussion on how suffering is seen by different cultures and religions; second is an attempt to explain how we understand it; finally some advice on how to walk through it with God.   I liked this book because it put together many of the arguments for you to see.  Beyond explaining the problem well, he gives some good advice on facing it.

Author: Pastor

Serving as pastor at the Lynn First Church of the Nazarene.

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