If you are not firm in faith, you will not be firm at all. – Isaiah 7:9b

I cannot begin to count the number of hours that I have spent working on our house this year.  My wife and I decided to purchase a home in Lynn last year.  So, at the end of November, we became the proud owners of a house that our son and his family rent from us.  It has been wonderful in many ways; having our children close, getting to know our daughter-in-law, taking care of our grandson.  So, if I seem to be whining about working on it, don’t give me any sympathy.  All of the work I have done to the house is nothing compared to the rewards I have already received. Continue reading “Firm”


S – that you may be able to stand… that you may be able to withstand …to stand firm. Stand therefore  –  Ephesians 6:11, 13, 14

O – It is obvious from this passage that we need to stand.  From the amount of times that we are told to stand the apostle must think that we are prone to falling.  Or we should think of this word as the opposite of falling back, giving up ground that has been won.  This is a better picture for me, ‘holding the hill’, seems to convey the meaning.  If we are in the battle we are constantly fighting for new territory.  Once it is taken, we have to hold on to it.  It is sometimes surprisingly easy to take some new spiritual ground.  But if we are not vigilant we may fail to defend it. Continue reading “Standing”