The Good and Beautiful Life

James Bryan Smith, IVP Books, 2009

This is the second book in what is called the The Apprentice Series.
I have been going through this series with a small group. It is a guide to spiritual formation using the Sermon on the Mount. The author calls this the greatest sermon ever given. The pattern for each chapter is to discuss a ‘false narrative’ that we are likely to have learned in our life. The author does a great job of showing how these perspectives have shaped our way of living. Then using the passage from the Sermon on the Mount, he contrasts that way of thinking with what Jesus taught his followers.
At the end of each chapter is an exercise called soul training. These are simple (not to be confused with ‘easy’) disciplines recommended to develop our inner self.
I liked this book. It is easy to read and the stories illustrate the lessons very well. It is a good book to use for a small group of people who would like to grow deeper in their spiritual journey. I will definitely be reading this one again.

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Serving as pastor at the Lynn First Church of the Nazarene.

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